Welcome to I Have Arthritis Too!

Have you recently been diagnosed with a form of Arthritis or are you just looking to connect with others who are going throught the same experiences that you are?  If you are then this is the site for you.  I myself was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis about 20 years ago so I know what it is like to live with Arthritis.  I have gone to several support groups over the years, been on different medications, done tons of exercises and physio therapy, suffered lots of pain and it always helps to have the support of others when you are having a tough time.  I hope this site will help you if you are having a tough time and are in need of support from someone that may have gone through what you are going through.

This site will also provide links to resources, FAQs, Discussion Forums and a place to register and set up a profile so you can find other people with similar interests.  It will all be managed by the users so I can not guarantee any information that is posted to be accurate so please consult your healthcare provider before you make any important decisions.  Hopefully this site will help you find the right questions to ask in order to get the best care possible.

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